No worries

Stuff has happened in the past week, as one might expect. School, work and just stuff.

One thing that happened was an appointment at the local hospital; having had a TIA back in February they are doing their best to find out the cause and this was one of many tests. They found what they weren’t really expecting to see, which is that I have a hole in my heart. It’s tiny, and has gone completely undetected for over 45 years.

This has freaked out some of the family, but not others. Interestingly it’s the child who knows most about human biology that is the least panicked, because he knows it’s not a serious concern. It’s something that needs to be taken into account, not to panic about.

As I pointed out to the child quietly freaking out, knowing it is there hasn’t suddenly turned me from a well person to a person at death’s door. It’s simply another piece of knowledge that the doctors can use to tailor treatment for the TIA, So it’s a good thing to have found.

Anyhow, I’m now sitting in the study wishing I was still asleep because, frankly, I’m shattered but the sun has woken me up. Still, it’s a beautifully sunny day so I may well make a cup of tea and go out into the garden.

So, no worries.


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Wife, mother of three, dog owner, and rank amateur at everything. You don't really want to know that I bake, knit, garden, make marmalade and sloe gin, do you? Thought not.
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