A message to South East Water

I am not reporting a leak, because I have already reported it, but I am reporting the fact that this is the 4th time we’ve had our water supply cut off since last Wednesday afternoon.
I believe it’s ‘merely’ the 3rd burst, I understand we had a brief 20 minutes of water last Thursday mid-repair. The cynic in me thinks this may be because you were trying to avoid compensation pay-outs kicking in for length of time continuously without water.
That day was very hot (as it is today) and my daughter had been competing in her school sports day (800m, 100m, 4x100m replay and high jump.)
I’ve detailed her events so you can begin to imagine how desperate she was for a shower and water to drink.
In addition to that one of my sons works in a restaurant, and therefore we need to wash his work clothes very regularly for hygiene reasons.
When our water goes off it all goes off, we don’t even have access to hot water in a tank because we have a fully pressurised system.
We have learnt to constantly keep bottled water in the house for emergencies, which we have had to top up and replace quite often recently.
You should be able to see exactly when our water supplies were interrupted last week from your own records, so I won’t bother detailing them again, but if you need clarification then please do not hesitate to ask.
On top of all the frustrations of being without water it is very irritating being unable to find out what is happening. These bursts generally happen a fair distance from my house (yes, we’ve had a few, in the years after we moved in it was not unusual to suffer at least 4 a year) so we cannot see what is happening without driving down the road.
When I called the line last week your recorded message continued to report no problems in the area. At no point was it updated, there was no information. This meant that instead of calling for a quick update and hanging up I was forced to continue to hold until an advisor was free, explain everything again for each advisor, and then wait while they found out what the situation was.
There is a better way of doing this, the electricity board are quite capable of keeping multiple customers updated by text during power cuts.
In addition to all the above I would really appreciate knowing what you intend to do about making sure we don’t have these interruptions of supply in the future.


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