Caveat emptor

caveat emptor or buyer beware – I found myself thinking of the phrase earlier this week when I saw a particularly good example of someone believing what they read on the internet. To the point they didn’t appear to fully explore a hint that pointed them in the correct direction. In this instance it was very clear that someone, at some point, had cut and pasted a long word, but got some letters transposed. This has proliferated, so now if you google the incorrect word you get links to answers giving definitions.

I was very tempted to go back and try again, but hey, it was only a fun competition and it doesn’t really matter in the great scheme of things. Besides, I try and be mindful to avoid this trap…

In case you are wondering – the long word is (correctly) pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.

It’s in a proper printed dictionary, and everyfink 😉


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Wife, mother of three, dog owner, and rank amateur at everything. You don't really want to know that I bake, knit, garden, make marmalade and sloe gin, do you? Thought not.
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