Candle wax drips and wood ash

Not my favourite things, but I’m grateful for them. After spending 32 hours without power because of the recent storm we’re now in the process of putting everything back to where it was. To those who are going around saying, ‘Storm, what storm, didn’t affect me!’ I have only one word to say and that is ‘Pah!’

It’s a much under-rated word, in my opinion. Try saying it out loud, loaded with as much feeling as you can muster and it works a treat. Not least because it completely cuts through the need for explanations and trying to get the other person to see your point of view, because, frankly, the chances are they never will no matter what you try and say.

For those who are still suffering the effects of the storm you have my heartfelt sympathy, and I hope things start to resolve themselves as soon as, to those who weren’t affected but were nevertheless sympathetic thank you for your kindness.

In other news, the Stroke Clinic have signed me off, hurrah!


About kentishlol

Wife, mother of three, dog owner, and rank amateur at everything. You don't really want to know that I bake, knit, garden, make marmalade and sloe gin, do you? Thought not.
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2 Responses to Candle wax drips and wood ash

  1. Whew! You made it through. Good to hear and hope you’re all still in one piece. At least your heart is whole, right? 🙂
    Stay safe!


    • kentishlol says:

      Yup, heart is whole, hale and, well, hearty. 😉
      We survived and without any damage to the house, thank goodness. Even the greenhouse came through unscathed.
      Some of the trees in the garden lost a few branches, but nothing over about 6′ long, luckily they all came down without damaging anything else, so we’ve been let off lightly compared to some others it seems.
      Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂


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