‘Seashell’ fungi

'Seashell' fungi

Again, with the probably not being true fungi, but who cares when they look like the growth rings on seashells?


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Wife, mother of three, dog owner, and rank amateur at everything. You don't really want to know that I bake, knit, garden, make marmalade and sloe gin, do you? Thought not.
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4 Responses to ‘Seashell’ fungi

  1. What a gorgeous photo, Laura. I love the texture and the colors. One could get lost in this world and after ingesting the eye candy factor, become wholly absorbed in the possibility of smells. Leaf mold … heavenly.


    • kentishlol says:

      Thank you, I’ve always loved finding fungi etc on walks. One day I’d love to go on a foraging course to find out which, if any, are edible. The forest is so full of surprises around each corner, if you stop to look.

      The smell of leaf mold is very evocative, but not so attractive when it’s been rotting for several months at the bottom of a puddle and then coats the dog’s legs because he’s decided to go paddling. :/


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