I signed the petition a while ago but didn’t leave a comment, so, when, tonight, I saw there was a hashtag where you could leave your reasons for signing, it seemed a chance to make good that omission.
Having been chopping down trees, and such, throughout the day my twittering had been intermittent at best, but even so, the pervading theme of those tweeting on the hashtag was that we’d moved on. We were no longer in the 70s. Page 3 was an anachronism.
Now, being an old dinosaur I was not only alive in the 1970s (yes, that’s nineteen seventy, not fifteen hundred BC or whatever age you think I hail from, sarky kids of mine) but I remember a fair chunk of them.
I might have been young, but I’m relatively certain I haven’t changed species, or anything more fundamental about myself (such as being a sentient being) in the meantime. I’m human, and I was then too.
So that was why I gave my reason as ‘it should never have existed in the first place ‘.
I never was, and am not now, solely in existence for the purpose of being leered at by men. Enough already. I’ve had 3 kids, I’m more than aware of what boobs are for. They’re not for random blokes to grab, comment on, or talk to when my face is a significant distance north.
The reason I’ve put fingers to keypad to blog is that, judging by the number of retweets and favourites, my reasoning has struck a chord, so it seemed good to expand a little.


About kentishlol

Wife, mother of three, dog owner, and rank amateur at everything. You don't really want to know that I bake, knit, garden, make marmalade and sloe gin, do you? Thought not.
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2 Responses to Nomorepage3

  1. Not living in the UK, and getting over there with less frequency than I used to, I’m curious, do they still have page 3 girls, or is the petition one to ditch the whole degrading existence of it?
    Fill me in …


    • kentishlol says:

      Page 3 girls are still a reality, sadly. The aim of the campaign is to get The Sun to wake up to how damaging and degrading it is, how it is well past its sell by date (not that it should ever have existed in the first place) and voluntarily remove it permanently. So far they are resisting….


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