I’m a garrulous person and love words. I hereby give notice that any and all subjects may be covered in blogs that I post.

I’ll try not to bore anyone.

Apparently I need to write more here, so here goes;

I grew up in the South East of England and did all the usual stuff like going to school (all girls Comprehensive) and university (Oxford) to study English – which allegedly means I can understand Anglo-Saxon, but that doesn’t seem to have stayed in my memory so well.

Anyway, after University I went to London, worked in the finance industry, got married, had three kids left finance, renovated a house, lived in Tokyo for a few months back when we had only 2 kids, moved out of London back to Kent and am now renovating another house and garden, and discovered social media and blogging.

I love writing, gardening, taking pictures of strange little plants that I find, walking my dog (a Springer Spaniel called Shadow) and talking utter nonsense on Twitter @LauraMullan


Just in case it’s not absolutely obvious, all blogs on this site are Copyright © Laura Mullan (ie me) unless otherwise stated.


11 Responses to About

  1. My kind of blog – and definitely my kind of posts. Look forward to reading them!


  2. kentishlol says:

    Why, thank you kindly. Coincidentally, or not, I was just watching a vlogbrothers video on curiosity ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kQ1Po7vzUk )
    Of course, seeing staying curious as a good thing is a great excuse for anyone with a butterfly mind. 😉


  3. A.PROMPTreply says:

    Thank you for the follow on my blog! Am most excited to check out your blog as well…..be forewarned that I’ve just relocated and am not at normal level blog activity right now…..but I will peruse your blog again when I’m on here for some reading time during the next few weeks and I’m sure we’ll be very good friends!


  4. kentishlol says:

    Notice duly taken – I look forward to catching up with you soon. My blog seems to have decided it’s a story for a while, so if you want to find the beginning of that it started October 2014 on Halloween and can be found here https://kentishlol.com/?s=A+story+for+Halloween

    Welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading. 🙂


  5. betunada says:

    the shortest “about” ever! come on, a few, at least a couple, more para-graffs every once inna while …


  6. kentishlol says:

    I do try to be succinct, sometimes! Maybe some more will get added in a bit. 🙂


  7. kentishlol says:

    You want more? I just updated it!


    • betunada says:

      i’ve thought about it. compared to our friend, “peak”, i’m sumtymez in (per?) spired to try to do similar — you know: clever, puns, innuendoes (innuenbux and out-u indoes), etc.
      but for the time being it’s … instead of “thin” — it’s “wirey”. (like coach says in The Replacements about the kicker)

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