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Wife, mother of three, dog owner, and rank amateur at everything. You don't really want to know that I bake, knit, garden, make marmalade and sloe gin, do you? Thought not.

Dickensian thinking amongst the super-rich has never gone away.

NOTE: I wrote this for The Nopebook back in October 2017. Their site is down (permanently, it looks like) so I can’t link to the original publication any more, so it’s been dug out of cold storage on my laptop … Continue reading

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Bloody Stupid Johnson

Note: I wrote this for The Nopebook back in November 2017. I’m publishing it here, now, because Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is facing fresh charges from the Iranian government and when I searched for a link to the original article the site … Continue reading

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A plea to health care professionals, about pain.

When I wrote up the pain scales yesterday, I was aiming to make it as clear and easy to use as possible – both for those needing to describe and those needing to assess someone else’s pain. That meant that … Continue reading

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Pain scales

For @puncroaker, and anyone else who might find it useful. Pain is an incredibly difficult thing to describe, and there’s always the worry that what seems obvious to you, may not mean the same thing to someone else, so I … Continue reading

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One mean-looking putto

One mean-looking putto It was a complete accident. She’d read those twitter threads of people getting locked into bookshops, charity shops, and so on until rescued, and had thought that sounded more like fun than a disaster. Even so, this … Continue reading

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The Domino Effect

‘Domino cloak, black silk velvet, lined with white silk satin, a little worn at the lower edge, style consistent with circa 1775.’ Vera muttered the words to herself as she lifted the garment out of the trunk that it had … Continue reading

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GE17 – what a mess, eh?

You may not have noticed, but there’s something that’s going to happen tomorrow, Thursday June 8th 2017, that’s a bit of a pain, frankly. I hate being asked to choose my favourite, because it almost always depends on circumstances. I … Continue reading


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Spinal Trap 4 – a bit of a Time Warp

When I woke up from the operation I was as cold as I can ever remember being and was immediately convulsed by body-shaking shudders and teeth that chattered so much I was scared I was going to bite through my … Continue reading

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Spinal Trap 3 – These sequels are getting increasingly shitty.

You may well be asking what the good old NHS was doing all this time. For a good few weeks nothing at all. I had occasionally been referred to orthopaedic surgeons for various things but they had all dismissed me … Continue reading

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Spinal Trap 2 – No rubber ducks in sight.

So now I’m crippled. Temporarily, I hope, but there’s no doubt about it, I’m almost completely useless physically. I can’t drive, I can’t lift heavy weights, I can’t put socks or shoes on for myself, I can barely get in … Continue reading

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