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The Wrong Trouser Leg of Understanding

I’ve changed! Not much, just the title of my blog. The old name was never quite right, it didn’t feel comfortable, but I was struggling to think of a better one. Until now. You may well be wondering what on … Continue reading

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Christmas was going to be a real drag this year, Felicity decided. Mother was coming, which meant that the house was actually going to have to be cleaned for once. Not so much for mother’s benefit as she was mostly … Continue reading

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Wild Orchid

The bluebells in the woods are well and truly over and it’s wild orchid season now. I’ve noticed that these two wild flowers tend to live in separate areas, with a No Man’s Land between their domains were you can … Continue reading

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Black Taffeta (Iris)

Another beauty from Sissinghurst

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Bearded Iris

We found this handsome chap at Sissinghurst Castle on Thursday

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I can hear cuckoos

When I was growing up the sound of a cuckoo was probably the iconic birdsong. Helped along by novelty clocks in late 70s/early 80s sitcoms and other TV things, a cuckoo call was the most easily recognisable bird call. I … Continue reading

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Teeny tiny mushroom in moss

Yup, it’s that small. That is moss, not some huge architectural plant.

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